GL-AD Popup Terminator Version 1.61

Say Goodbye to those Annoying Pop-up Ad Windows!

Features of GL-AD Popup Terminator include:

  • Automatically launch when you start Internet Explorer
  • Takes up minimal memories and CPU times of your system, never slow down your Internet Explorer
  • A user-friendly interface make it easy for anyone to use.
  • Customizable list to set the URLs for which  you don't want Popup Terminator to kill its popup windows.
  • For web pages that disable context-menu (the menu opened when you right click the page ), you can set it to IE's original, make it more convenient for browsing.
  • Life-long statistics to log the number of visited web pages and killed popup windows, let you more clear about your browsing history.
  • Easy to configure, disable, enable, and uninstall.
  • You can press Shift key at any time when browsing web pages to disable Popup Terminator temporarily and show all pop-up windows
  • The product won't affect your browsing habits, won't modify the contents and scripts of the pages you are browsing, won't generate page errors, and won't cause the click-to-open-new-window links limped.

Buy it Now!

Click here to order GL-AD Popup Terminator from
GL-AD Popup Terminator costs only $22.95 for the option of email registration. 

After purchasing the software, you will get:

  • free Technical support for using GL-AD Popup Terminator life-long
  • free upgrading of the software for all future version of GL-AD Popup Terminator
  • a 30 day money-back guarantee for the absence of any feature or the quality we promise the software to provide.

If you have any question, please send email to



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